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About Us

Rangoli-Indian Restaurant

Rangoli India restaurant brings Indian food at your table. Our excellent chefs unite to create the traditional royal Indian dishes from all corners of India using special Indian spices to maximize the health benefits.


Rangoli India restaurant is located in the heart of Amsterdam nearby Amsterdam central station and offers most renowned fine dining Indian restaurant in Amsterdam.It is very spacious and can easily accommodate up to 60 guests. Our Chef’s have 25+ years of experience and know what joy there is in making someone feel on top of the world.

At Rangoli Indian Restaurant, you are assured of a unique and modern Indian dining experience. Our friendly and professional staff will assure you enjoy every aspect of your meal with us. Every item on our menu is prepared with authentic Indian herbs, spices and prepared in our kitchen with extreme care to ensure that you are served consistently good meals. Rangoli restaurant is the original contemporary indian restaurant, responsible for re-defining quintessential Indian cuisine, by bringing together authentic flavours, reflecting traditional recipes using innovative techniques, with world-class presentation.

The legendary culinary masters marinated vegetables, fish and meats in a host of herbs and spices. They emphasised that all spices be freshly ground to a very fine paste and stir fried to achieve homogenous blend. “Garam Masala” used in most Indian dishes is a combination of cloves, cinnamon, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper, nutmeg and mace- all lightly roasted and then ground. Meat delicacies particularly require the spices to be stir fried in yoghurt and be cooked under a lid over a low flame for a long time. The flavours thus become integral to the main dish and there’s little difference between vegetarian and non vegetarian fare in terms of looks aroma or flavour. The Portuguese introduced the red chilli pepper which has given Indian curries a totally new dimension. The Moguls, Arabs and Persians are credited with having introduced food concepts such as khichri, pulao , biryani , kebabs and tandoori . Earlier confined to the northern states and the royalty , they are fast becoming the world’s most popular foods.